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The services we provide include Trek, Tour, Peak Climbing, Expedition and Adventure Sports in Nepal and we make sure to provide you with the complete package so you can enjoy the countries to the fullest. In fact, our expertise lies in identifying the many needs of our customers and incorporating them in our itineraries and interaction to make the explorers feel at ease.

Nepal although strikingly beautiful can be a tricky place when it comes to travelling, the infrastructure, the climate, and landscape all play a big part in this hence our experienced staff take on the responsibility to give a smooth and relaxing travel despite everything, they are trained for any difficult situations and their hands on approach will solve any issues quickly.

  • Himalaya Dream Adventure Team is the most exprienced and friendly team I ever meet. I will join again and again!

    Minhu KimClient (China)

  • Best travel company you can ask for! The Himalayas is something new tha will surprise you with every trip. You will surely enjoy it.

    Richard PittClient (Belgium)

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Given our experience, we are able to quickly identify the areas, activities that would bring out the most joy in our clients and makes sure to include the hefty amount of those in our activities.

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  • Treks

    We have the most amazing and secret treks in nepal. View the photos.

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  • Cultural Tours & Family Treks

    Enjoy a day with the whole family with our simple easy tours & treks thought for kids. Learn more locals & culture of nepal.

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  • Explore Himalayas Flora & Fuana

    Make new friends while treking, the mountains are full of tiny friendly animals & Know more about Plant Id's.

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  • Mountains Expeditions

    Challenge yourself ace highest high altitude mountains around nepal and be amazed by some of the best mountains of the world with our secret trips.

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    Group Tour Company

    We as a company built for the Outdoors.

  • 2018


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    We encourage local license guide & porter to join us as part of our heritage and roots of our core values.

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    We started from humble beginnings to a bigger and united team!

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